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We, at Virtech, offer a pioneering approach to Card Instant Issuance. Through our unique model, our team of professionals make instant card issuance suitable and possible for our clients. No matter which embosser you are using, we take it on board and build the kiosk around it. Our Card Issuing bespoke Kiosks can help issue debit, credit, and prepaid cards to your customers in just a few minutes, thanks to multi-hopper embossers. We also integrate our kiosk to your data preparation solution and makes it possible for your customers to personalize their own cards. 


With our Card Issuing Kiosk, the customer is authenticated before issuing the card and will be able to select his/her desired PIN before activating the card and make it ready to use.



  • On-boarding (self-service or video teller assisted)

  • Card personalization (name, photo...etc.)

  • Card issuing (debit, credit, prepaid)

  • PIN management (set,  change, reset)

  • Card payment – top-up

  • Statement printing

Software Features

  • Bi-lingual intuitive touchscreen interface with a focus on self-service functions.

  • A safe and secure unattended operation, with advanced security features.

  • Monitor kiosk usage and optimize self-service functions with built-in dashboards.

  • Device guided animations.

  • Video conference, call & queue management.

Hardware Features

  • Professionally designed: an elegantly curved design showcases a modern look that easily draws the client’s attention.

  • Robust metal housing: robust and high-grade metal enclosure.

  • Adaptable front panel: components and functionality can be quickly and easily replaced with specified kiosk requests.

  • Branding options: Custom colors and labeling are available.


  • Civil ID & Smart Card reader

  • PINpad

  • Card Embosser Slot

  • Passport/CID scanner (optional)

  • Fingerprint scanner (optional)

  • Digital signature (optional)

  • Cash acceptor/recycler (optional)

  • Thermal/Laser printer (optional)

  • Audio – Video

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