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Organizations across industries are implementing HR kiosk solutions to provide a service center for their workforces to reduce the growing burden of HR paperwork.        


Self-service kiosks allow HR professionals to focus on executing strategic HR initiatives and cultivating company culture.


As companies transition to Digital HR, employee self-service is the critical tool that brings it all together, empowering staff and aiding in retention.


We, at Virtech, understand that each company has its unique needs, therefore, our HR Certificate bespoke Kiosks offer different features, and you are free to choose a Kiosk that is the best fit for your team. We have a dedicated team of engineers, which is capable to customize any project from start to finish. 

Solution Benefits: 

  • Provide 24/7 Employee Access

  • Reduce HR Staffing Demands

  • Promote Company Announcements

  • Enforce Documentation Accuracy

  • Audit and Track User Activity

  • Increase Employee Engagement and Satisfaction



  • Scalable and flexible certificates/packages builder, to easily accommodate updates and changes as needs evolve.

  • User authentication through various methods (RFID, smart civil ID, biometrics, signature, username/password, OTP…etc.)

  • Interface with ERP and various data sources.

  • Select, preview, and print of certificates, supplements, and packages.

  • Stamp certificates.

Software Features

  • Bi-lingual intuitive touchscreen interface with a focus on self-service functions.

  • A safe and secure unattended operation, with advanced security features.

  • Monitor kiosk usage and optimize self-service functions with built-in dashboards.

  • Device guided animations.

  • Transaction rating (happy or not?)

  • Override for exceeding monthly limits.

  • Control panel (refill paper, set active signatory, set kiosk status)

Hardware Features

  • Professionally designed: an elegantly curved design showcases a modern look that easily draws the client’s attention.

  • Robust metal housing: robust and high-grade metal enclosure.

  • Adaptable front panel: components and functionality can be quickly and easily replaced with specified kiosk requests.

  • Branding options: Custom colors and labeling are available.

  • Privacy: privacy filter/wings to ensure maximum privacy.


  • Civil ID & Smart Card reader

  • RFID card reader

  • Passport/CID scanner (optional)

  • Fingerprint scanner (optional)

  • Digital signature (optional)

  • Laser printer

  • Audio – Video

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