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The Queue Management System from Virtech helps you to decrease customer wait times, enhance your service quality, and increase your profits. It is a fact that long queues and excessive waiting times can cause frustration among customers in banks, hospitals, and other organizations.

Our QMS will help you to improve the quality of service by:

  • Making customer service faster and queues shorter

  • Having a significant social impact and increase of customer loyalty

  • Even flow distribution among staff

  • Improving KYC and directs customers to right agents

  • Easy control of service quality

BB Branch.bmp

Hardware Independent

The unique software feature allows you to install the system on common equipment from various manufacturer or other QMS suppliers.

Scalability & Modularity

Scalable software that fits in individual branch as well as multi branch environment. Dynamic enablement of the system’s different features.

Ease of Use

Easy to operate, thanks to the superior administration module that supports simple and complex transaction flow – all centrally.

Simply Secured

User authentication and access level is managed through Active Directory.

Multiple Touchpoints Registration

Mobile QMS.bmp

In-Branch Registration

Kiosk - Desktop Terminal

Contactless Cards

Civil ID Scan

Mobile Registration

Mobile - Internet

Based on customer segment &

branch average waiting time

Appointment Booking

Mobile - Kiosk - Internet

API Integration with existing systems

Management & Control

  • Remote control over system parameters & operations.

  • The use of one-click update to the entire network.

  • Centralized monitoring for branches, employees & activities.

  • Remote control over branch kiosks.

  • System Control Panel.

  • Hall administrator to manage the flow of customers.

  • Graphical designer allows to create your own interface of the kiosk screens, ticket design, surveys, counter displays and digital signage.

  • Provides a record of the negotiations in the course of service.

QMS CP.bmp

Software & Hardware Call Terminals

  • The next visitor call.

  • Outside queuing call (by number).

  • Redirection of visitor.

  • Ticket Registration.

  • Control of the queue state.

  • Web-based or sand-alone.

  • Interface with branch automation systems to log call category and sub category.

  • Report average service time for each transaction or operation.

QMS ST.bmp

Reporting, Dashboards & Widgets

  • Customize your own report, dashboard or widget.

  • Personalize your desktop view.

  • Reports on:

    • Performance measurement, service quality and customer satisfaction.​

    • Dynamics of serving time.

    • Staff.

    • Ticket history.

    • Category of transactions.

    • Service strategy change.

    • Registered customers.

    • Performance of workstations.

    • Summaries.

QMS DB.bmp

Customer Feedback (Voice of Customer)

  • Evaluation of service quality, allowing customers to rate the performance of your staff by pressing the appropriate button - easy and convenient.

  • Real assessment of your staff performance.

  • Flexible settings of feedback interface.

  • Direct and accurate feedback from the customers
  • ​Use our feedback builder to customize detailed or simple surveys on the fly.

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