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With the help of our dedicated team, you can provide your customers with hassle-free and suitable cheque deposit services. Our innovative and AI-based Cheque Processing Kiosks are designed and developed by us using Artificial Intelligence and Neuronal Network algorithms in recognition of hand-written cheques.


Our cheque processing bespoke kiosk is using a cheque scanner that is delivering a high-resolution pictures, ultra-violet, and IR images from the scanned cheque which are analyzed using convolution neuronal networks to recognize the handwritten date, amount, and signature. We are also using a trained Inverse Discriminative Network (SEDAR) for signature forgery detection.


In the case of ambiguity, the transaction is routed to a remote teller to validate the cheque and complete the transaction instantly.



  • On-us Cheque Deposit

  • Off-us Cheque Clearing

  • Cheque Status Inquiry

  • Print Deposit Voucher

Insertion Features

  • Single cheque or bundles of 50 

  • Accepts crumpled, torn, mutilated cheques

  • Mechanical & electronic alignment

  • Position & double feed sensors

  • Foreign object detection

  • In-feed shutter door

Scanning Features

  • Front & rear grey & color scanning

  • Ultraviolet & Infrared scanning to detect security features

  • MICR line scanning & parsing

  • Cheque transport full control

  • Safe stacking up to 2000 cheques

  • Endorsement & stamping of cheques


  • Authentication:

    • Debit card PIN validation

    • Civil ID reading & scanning

  • Processing:

    • Scanning & capturing of date/amount

    • AI validation and signature recognition

    • Log suspicious cheques for manual validation and approval

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