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Everyday, retail businesses must stop and take employees away from making money, so they can count it. No matter how you look at it, time spent manually processing cash is a money loser.

In a manual cash management system, cash is touched an average of six times during hand-to-hand cash exchanges between cashiers and management. Every cash touch increases the risk of error or theft. The cash automation drastically reduces the time you spend counting and recounting cash, so you can get your staff back to the sales floor fast.

Cash automation adds a layer of visibility and accountability by creating an electronic record of transactions throughout the cash cycle. Virtech takes care of the whole cash process and makes sure that the process is running effortlessly and benefits are achieved throughout the cash cycle.

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Virtech offers a wide range of cash acceptor, dispenser, and recycler machines, standalone or integrated in bespoke kiosk to serve your business needs.

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